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Establishing a technology company takes a strong software team to deliver on what needs to be done.

The best software solution 2023
At Lycus we don't just follow trends; we set them. In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, where innovation is the currency of success, we stand tall as the epitome of groundbreaking software solutions.





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Team Members

Our Top Skilled Experts

Mussa Kiwele
Software Developer
Agnes Joachim
Josia Mpokera
Software Developer
Alphaxad Smith
Software Developer
Grace Samson
Digital Marketing Manager
Said Mohamed
Marketing Manager & Driver
Amani Kilela
Full stack Developer
Innocent Joshua
Software Developer
Given Obadia
Finance Manager
Suna Kassim
chief cooker
Board Members

Our Lycus Board Members

Ipyana F. Mwankyoma
CEO & Founder
John P. Karani
Board Member
Grabriel K. Mafie
Board Member
Lendian A. Bogoli
Board Member
Julius J. Ogutu
Board Member
Welcome To Our Company

We Make Awesome IT Services For Your Newly Business

IT service providers work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and develop customized
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Better service on time”

Lycus technologies have the best service on their customers, they take project on time and deliver on time! Thank you Lycus Technologies for your services to my company
Samsoni Smith
CEO at (Zanzibar Booking Company)
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